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A collection of memories from the rich history of Tisniksentwurtniks

February 29th, 1976
‘t Dortvaat’, Carnival Sunday. Establishment of Tisniksentwurtniks by a.o. Ton Hoofwijk, Jos Kamps, Lei van Rooij, Nico Jessen and Chris Nohlmans. Goal: giving musical support to the carnival activities of neighbourhood ‘Riekswaeg Noord’.
Name invented by Hay Houben.

July 12th 1976, Sittard
Sittard, first public appearance on the occasion of the 50th birthday of Sjang Jessen. Evergreen of the evening: ‘Rucki-Zucki’ arranged by Jos Frusch. Plus lots of carnival music. First group photo.

February 12th 1979, Sittard
Proclamation of Chris Nohlmans as ‘Prins Chris II’ of Sittard (being bestowed the title of Prince Carnival is the highest honour imagineable in Sittard!).

This period was marked by building up a positive balance on the bank account and buying the first ‘uniforms‘ (bring your own black trousers and shoes...).

February 1986, Dordrecht
First participation in a brass band competition outside of Limburg. Most memorable event was the band's first ever visit to a McDonald's restaurant, with Sjang dead-seriously ordering a ‘nasibal’ (Indonesian specialty).

June 14th, 1992, Bemmel
Winner of the Open Dutch Championships for street brass bands. The ‘Gold’ theme was a home-run with the ‘wooden-shoe-boys’ from the Northern countryside. ‘Gold’ from Spandau Ballet, ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Money, money, money’.

February 1993, Maastricht
Opening act at a big charity concert with a.o. the world famous Andre Rieu, for the victims of the 1993 river floods in the south of the Netherlands.

September 1994, Sittard
Release of the first CD ‘Neitgoutsjang’ with a.o. ‘Toen wij uit Rotterdam vertrokke’, performed live by Sjang Jessen himself.

February 24th 1995, Den Bosch
Opening act for the ‘Oeteldonkse Vasteloavend’ (Den Bosch Carnival). ‘Kedengedenge-Kaatje’ is unanimously proclaimed to be the best looking fan ever. So, presented her with a free CD and never ever heard from her again........

December 31st 1996, Landgraaf
New year’s eve party in Hotel Winselerhof (owned by Camille Oostwegel, who later became famous for hosting President Bush in 2005).

February 22d 1998, Sittard
22 year anniversary celebrated with the honorary first prize for Riekswaeg Noord’s group and float in the big carnival parade. The group’s theme celebrated the importance of live street music during carnival.

November 18th 1999
Participation in the ‘Smartlappen-Route’ in Utrecht, with a mini-concert in the Tivoli theatre.

March 8-13 2001, Singapore
Holland House. Concert for the Dutch Club, 24 hours of flying for a few hours of music.....

Easter 2003, Arles, France
Completely blown away after being formally invited to the ‘Hotel de Ville’ for the award by the mayor of Arles of the ‘Medaille d’ Honneur du Comité de la Feria Arles’

September 4th 2005
Benno M. gives it his best shot and is crowned ‘King’ of Tisniksentwurtniks, despite the best efforts of Robbie V, Achim H and Bart B.

August 18th 2007
Serve J. celebrates 15 years of running pub ‘t Sjterfhoes’ and is left behind at the end of the day with a collection of costumes, instruments, hats, unpaid bills and a Bull‘s Head.