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Welcome to the website of Tisniksentwurtniks
(loosely translated: ‘it is nothing and it will be nothing’)

This street brass band has been active since 1976 in the Dutch town of Sittard, in the southern province of Limburg, playing street brass band music to anyone willing to listen. A group of street kids from ‘Rieksweg Noord’ decided to start up this brass band 33 years ago.
Have fun!


Tisniksentwurtniks is the first (and only?) and therefore probably the best post-modern carnival-band, that has managed to transform the spirit of the 90’s into blasting party music.
With unmatched ferocity they work their way through their repertoire. Always searching for the ultimate pastiche of kitch, humor and ecstasy. Usually short and to the point, so you long for more. Sometimes stopping in the middle of a song, in search of the next climax.
They never cease to innovate and astound and time and again they draw you into their party. ‘Life ain’t nothing but a Carnival’. It’s high time the truth is finally spoken: Tisniksentwurtniks is and always will be... art.
by Frank Wijnands from Kampen